Health education volunteer program – Indonesia

Our health education volunteer program is geared towards children. This program requires the skills of qualified health professionals who are interested in teaching basic first aid skills and imparting personal hygiene advice. Besides needing qualified health professionals to run health camps and perform dental check ups, we also need participants who can teach local people about basic first aid and hygiene such as how to correctly wash their hands, how to brush their teeth, etc. Sanitary education is the best method of avoiding easily transmissible health problems and diseases.

By participating on the health education volunteer program, you’ll help our team of local professionals to educate local families and children in the field of health.

The working hours are subject to change, depending on climate conditions, local conditions and unforeseen circumstances.

The working days may vary during the school exam period, local holidays and school holidays (in Spring, summer or at Christmas). Alternative activities may include the nursery volunteer prograam, conservation tasks, community cleaning and restoration tasks or working on a school camp.

Location: Lombok

Accommodation: Volunteers will stay in our houses in Senggigi.

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