Forest Conservation Program – Portugal

The Program takes place in the Sintra Natural Park, in Lisbon. Its goal is to develop projects that promote the recovery of certain areas. The different initiatives aim to restore native forests and their species, and they seek to involve the community to achieve this. One of the foundations of the project is to raise awareness about the importance of forests and natural parks, as well as inform about their main functions: soil erosion control, carbon sequestration, air pollutant filtration, raw material production, etc.

The volunteer will perform various field tasks, including applying techniques to control invasive species, planting different species using various methodologies, maintaining planted areas, protecting specific biodiversity, managing pedestrian trails, etc.

Once a month, excursions outside the city are organized, lasting between 2 and 5 days. These excursions are at the national level and are motivated by “unforeseen” global needs that require assistance.

A typical day in the Program:

The day starts around 7 in the morning with a delicious breakfast. During the morning or afternoon (depending on the shift when project assistance is needed), the volunteer can explore Lisbon and wander around. Lunch is served at 13:30, and volunteers enjoy Mediterranean cuisine together.

Volunteers take public transportation from the accommodation to the project site. The San Irtra Park is about 1 hour away from the accommodation.

*The volunteer program may last for about 3 hours in the morning or 4 to 5 hours in the afternoon, depending on the current needs.

Location: Sintra Natural Park, Lisbon

Duration: between 2 and 12 weeks

* Important: programs will be closed from the 17th December to 2nd January and from 1st July to 18th July.

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