Food Rescue Volunteer Program – Portugal

Located in the heart of Lisbon, the project aims to minimize food waste. As a volunteer, you will be collecting surplus food from restaurants, bars, cafes, and other businesses to distribute it among families with very limited resources, elderly individuals, and homeless people.

This program intends to continue supporting the feeding of homeless people, currently providing this aid to about 3,000 people per day. Additionally, it helps prevent the disposal of hundreds of kilograms of perfectly good food.

A typical day in the program:

The day starts at 8 in the morning with breakfast, followed by free time until 1 pm when lunch is served. After lunch, there are a few hours of rest to digest the food, and then around 6 pm, volunteers will go to the food rescue project, where they will share experiences with other volunteers.

At 9 pm, dinner will be served at the accommodation, following the completion of the project.

Please note that the schedule may vary depending on the program’s shift.

Location: Lisbon

Duration: between 1 and 12 weeks

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