English teaching volunteer program (Zhanjiang) – China

In this program, volunteers will take on the role of teaching English as a core subject to students of primary school age and older, specifically children aged between 4 and 15 years old. Teaching English is particularly challenging in these schools due to the shortage of qualified English teachers.

Your role will involve supporting teachers and their classroom assistants to make English engaging and interactive for local primary and secondary school students.

These schools embrace informal teaching styles, allowing you the freedom to deviate from local teaching methods and styles. You are encouraged to bring your own teaching ideas into the classroom.

Throughout the program, you will assist in teaching basic English, engaging in activities like singing songs, playing educational games, and guiding children through various activities such as handicrafts, sports, drawing, coloring, and writing.

This volunteering opportunity is well-suited for applicants who are fluent in English and can share their knowledge of life outside of China with enthusiasm and dedication.

Accommodation: Zhanjiang is a charming city located on the southern coast of mainland China in the Guangdong province. You’ll stay on the campus of the Guangdong Ocean University Cunjin College or in one of its nearby student residences.

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