English teaching volunteering programme (Pejeng, Ubud) – Bali

Balinese children are extremely keen to learn, and are an absolute joy to teach. On this project, the volunteer will spend a certain amount of time planning the lessons, before delivering these in a local primary or secondary school. The volunteer is free to choose what he/she wants to teach in the classes. However, a general curriculum must be followed. The volunteer will also be given examples of what previous volunteers have taught, so that this work can be built upon.

The objective of this programme is to show the students that learning English can be fun. Volunteers are always encouraged to be creative in their teaching methods through the use of games, songs, art, sports and music. The role of the volunteer is to encourage and inspire. However, the most important thing is for teachers and students alike to enjoy the experience.

The dates of the programme may change in accordance with school plans and other activities for the students. Volunteers will be expected to work for around 5 hours a day.

This programme may vary during the school exam period, bank holidays or school holidays (in spring, summer or at Christmas). Alternative activities may include the nursery volunteering programme, conservation tasks, restoration tasks or working on a school camp.

Accommodation: Volunteers will live in our volunteer houses in the town of Pejeng Kaja, located in the outskirts of Ubud.


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