Teaching volunteer program – Arusha

Several primary and secondary schools throughout the Arusha district wish for us to organize English learning programs in which volunteers have the opportunity to teach various subjects alongside local teachers. You will have the opportunity to teach mathematics and science to students at various levels.

You’ll assist local teachers in teaching basic English by singing songs and playing educational games. You can also engage the children in activities such as handicrafts, sports, drawing, colouring, writing and more! Many of these children are quite young and require attention and engaging activities to help them thrive.

Working hours may vary depending on weather conditions, local circumstances, and unforeseen events.

Accommodation: You will be accommodated in a volunteer house in Arusha.

IMPORTANT: A Summer School will be conducted during the school holidays. After you have submitted your application and received the Confirmation Email, you will be sent the school holiday calendar as an attachment.

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