Creative Technologies Volunteer Program – Croatia

The following program aims to assist NGOs in carrying out activities and encouraging local communities to take action within their own environment.

Volunteers’ work is mainly focused on using illustrations and design skills to support NGOs in their promotional campaigns and activities, including the production of infographics, brochures, posters, animations, videos, and advertisements.

Additionally, active participation in their events, beach clean-ups, street activities, and any other tasks that may arise is crucial, as getting involved in the project’s activities is fundamental.

It is important to note that most NGOs lack the necessary resources, so volunteers are required to provide their own laptops, as well as design software (Adobe Creative Suite or equivalent) and/or a camera equipment.

Qualifications or relevant experiences are highly valued in the program application.

Duration: 1 to 12 weeks.

Requirement: +18 years old.

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