Construction and renovation volunteering programme- Coral Coast, Sigakota – Fiji

We have launched a construction project to support the local community by providing shelter to those in need and starting to rebuild some of what was lost during the cyclone disaster (April 2020). This project is based in the Sigatoka area and presents a fantastic opportunity to provide tangible benefits and aid to the local community in general, and schools in particular. Unleash your carpentry skills and participate alongside the local community in the construction project.

In addition to the core project, you can also get involved in gardening the surroundings, painting local schools, and renovating classrooms. Many of the schools we work with lack funding for classroom renovations or building libraries and resource centers, and this is where you can make a difference. Several years ago, we even built a library for a village school. In many areas of Fiji, thousands of families live in inadequate housing, and children attend school in dilapidated buildings. Our construction project allows them to move into new, better-quality homes and enables children to receive education in new and secure classrooms. You will work approximately 6 hours a day on the project.

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