Community education volunteer program – Uganda

Volcop Uganda is a registered community organization located in Kyamukerege, a village in Nyabukara, in the western region of the Kabarole district.

Volcop has implemented a family responsibility system. Supporting or assisting a family goes beyond simple “giving” – it involves a commitment from each family member to become self-sufficient.

This system is a feedback-driven process. It employs a method of control within a system, where the results obtained from a task or activity are re-entered into the system to regulate and optimize its behavior.

This feedback concept applies to virtually any process with similar mechanics of adjustment and self-regulation. Projects are carried out through the collaboration of 70 families working with Volcop.

Each project has its respective delegates who are responsible for monitoring, controlling, and planning each program. These delegates, who are family members, are overseen by the Volcop Team, which sets project guidelines and provides tools to help participants grow within each program.

This system is built on two fundamental pillars: Education (children and adults) and Work (job development).

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