Community development volunteer program – ZIMBABWE

Volunteers will engage in various activities within the community, assisting with the tasks that families undertake daily. This promises an authentic African experience!

This program is designed for volunteers seeking tranquility and a willingness to contribute to the most pressing tasks at any given time.

The program offers an excellent opportunity to immerse oneself in the local culture and understand the challenges it faces. Many elderly community members are eager to acquire English and business skills but lack the means to attend formal schooling. Women also have a strong desire to learn, but societal obligations often confine them to their homes, where they fulfill their roles by caring for children and managing household chores. Volunteers will gain insights into the local way of life and become more acquainted with the needs of this population.


Volunteers will visit the most vulnerable families in the community, observe the various challenges they face, and work on developing solutions to address them. The most common issues include poor hygiene and a low standard of education.

Volunteers will actively participate in assessing community problems and assisting in their development.

They will also plan and generate ideas to support underprivileged children.

Participants in this program will contribute to community education, which is a particularly effective way of reaching young people and providing career guidance to orphaned children.

IMPORTANT: The above-mentioned activities will not be conducted daily and will depend on the specific needs of each activity. The work schedule will be defined and implemented in accordance with the project’s requirements and the decisions of the technical team.

NOTE OF INTEREST: Volunteers are welcome to bring their own materials, pre-planned activities, games, art supplies, English-language books, educational toys, drawing or painting materials, etc.

The program is open year-round.

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