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From north to south, beautiful beaches are showcased along the Ecuadorian Pacific. In this region, pristine beaches can be found along the coastline. During the summer, it is the ideal place for humpback whale watching, as they arrive each year from Antarctica to mate between June and October. The sea breeze caresses the “Ruta del Sol,” which crosses lonely beaches, picturesque fishing villages, and serves as the gateway to beautiful and modern resorts, as well as fishing and tourist ports.

Childcare volunteer program – Coast

Our project takes place in the city of Manta, considered one of the main cities on the Ecuadorian coast. Despite being an important city, the community-based Child Development Centers (CDIs) mostly lack basic services due to a lack of government support.

In this place, children between the ages of one and three are cared for by community mothers and social coordinators while their parents are engaged in selling seafood, trading, or informal selling.

Many of the children attending these childcare centers live in quite basic conditions, making the assistance of volunteers a fundamental tool for strengthening the educational aspects of these nurseries.

Volunteers have the opportunity to work by assisting social coordinators in managing groups of children aged 1 to 3 years. Activities are planned every week and are focused on the psychomotor development of the children through games, songs, and recreational activities.

*Minimum stay of two weeks.

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