Cleaning of beaches and mountains – Bilbao – Spain

The origin of the food bank lies in the post-pandemic crisis: families struggling in precarious situations, finding it difficult to make ends meet and meet their most basic needs. We work in collaboration with food donation associations, providing hygiene and cleaning products to 40 families.

What are the responsibilities of the Food Bank assistants? They will be responsible for tracking the volunteer hours worked at the Food Bank, placing weekly food orders, coordinating the logistics and distribution of food delivery, managing storage and stock, as well as keeping track of inventory.

Given that many beaches and mountains are still not adequately protected from an environmental standpoint, the involvement of people is very important. The volunteer’s work is a significant contribution to the preservation of ecosystems and marine and environmental life.

With this project, the aim is to improve the quality of seawater, protect natural and marine ecosystems, raise awareness about pollution, etc. Specific sectors of the beach are cleaned using designated recycling bags.

It is recommended to bring gloves and specific materials, including raincoats. The maximum working hours per week are 20. The metro fare (accommodation location – beach) is not included (approximately 10 € per week).

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