Childcare Volunteering Programme – Tianyar – Bali

In this programme, volunteers will offer their assistance to the staff at the daycare center or nursery where this project takes place. The activities involved in this project will include organizing recreational activities to ensure the children have fun while learning.

Some of these activities may involve outdoor games, sports, and it’s also essential for volunteers to teach basic English to the children. Depending on the children’s level, volunteers can teach them songs, the alphabet, or numbers.

Volunteers should be proactive in suggesting different activities and games to keep the children engaged and having a great time. Throughout this experience, you will get to know and spend quality time with the little ones, providing personalized attention to each of them. Additionally, you will assist in preparing and serving food to the children and help with any tasks that require your support.

  • Volunteers must be 18 years old or older at the beginning of the programme.
  • A criminal background check certificate is required.

IMPORTANT: It is approximately 3 hours of work per day.


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