Childcare volunteer program – Curitiba – Brazil

In this program, support is offered to children who are under state custody due to situations of domestic violence in their homes. The Child Care Center provides a secure environment for these children and addresses their fundamental day-to-day needs.

There are two separate centers where children are accommodated: one for babies and another for children between the ages of two and twelve. In these centers, they receive shelter, meals, education, and comprehensive care from doctors, psychologists, speech therapists, dentists, educational psychologists, and dedicated volunteers.

Activities include

– Childcare

– Engaging in recreational activities, games, crafts, and artistic workshops such as painting, threater, and dance.

– Assisting with homework

– Teaching basic English

What to bring?

– Comfortable pants and shirts for work. Shorts or skirts are not allowed inside the center.

– Clothes suitable for humid weather.

– Boots or comfortable sports shoes for winter stays.

– Sandals or comfortable sports shoes for summer stays.

– Long-sleeved shirts and coats for cold weather, regardless of the season.

– Bath towel and personal hygiene kit.

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