Childcare volunteer program – Accra – Ghana

Medical care in countries like Ghana can sometimes be very limited and have very scarce resources. In this program the volunteer will experience the day-to-day processes that take place in local hospitals, clinics or small medical centres in Ghana and in this way will be able to assist local medical staff.

The volunteer will share and assist doctors and other medical staff in administering essential treatments to patients. You will also be able to facilitate medical care to the poorest communities by visiting patients and families with medical staff.

Please note that you will not be required to do any formal medical work. During your stay you will have the opportunity to enjoy, learn and be able to support local medical staff in Ghana’s medical facilities. The program is recommended for medical or nursing students who want to learn how medicine works in Ghana.

The cost of transport home from the program is not included and must be borne by the volunteer. It is estimated to cost €2 to €3 per day.

AVAILABILITY: this program has a minimum stay of 4 weeks.


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