Childcare and development volunteering programme – Malawi

During the childcare and development volunteering programme, volunteers will provide support to child caregivers. During this programme, volunteers will help to teach children in rural communities while also helping to feed them and teach them about personal hygiene.


  • Volunteers will help to deliver fun and recreational activities. They may also help to cook meals and help the children during mealtimes.
  • They will also help to teach them basic English, including the alphabet, numbers and mathematics, weekdays, shapes and songs.
  • Volunteers are also tasked with helping to weigh the children, which will be used to track their health. They will also promote the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle and adhering to a good personal hygiene routine. Volunteers can also deliver classes that show children how to brush their teeth.
  • Depending on their level of experience and specific interests, volunteers can also help to deliver reading workshops; mathematics and English classes; talks about the importance of environmental conservation; and tell them about the ways of preserving Malawian wildlife.
  • Playing sports and outdoor activities, such as ball games.

Minimum stay: 2 weeks.

IMPORTANT: the mentioned activities will not be carried out on a daily basis. Rather, this will depend on the demands of the specific activity. The working routine will be defined and conducted in accordance with the requirements of the project, and will follow the decisions of the technical team.

NOTE OF INTEREST: The volunteer may take their own materials, pre-planned activities, games, paint, English-language books, educational toys and any type of drawing or painting book, etc.

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