Volunteer Program in the Jungle – Mexico

The volunteer program in the Maya Jungle is a project that promotes the adoption of better agricultural and forestry production practices. Its goal is to improve the health of ecosystems through reforestation programs and a monitoring program involving the reception, recovery, breeding, and release of wildlife.

During this volunteer program, you will engage in various activities:

  • Agroecological Vegetable and Fruit Production.
  • This program involves applying state-of-the-art organic agricultural production techniques. You’ll learn about how a biofactory operates and take part in the production of biofertilizers prepared with microorganisms like fungi, bacteria, and algae.

  • Wildlife Monitoring.
  • Through biological monitoring in this program, you’ll understand the dynamics of ecosystems under human intervention. It’s an essential tool to ensure the conservation, management, and sustainable use of biodiversity across its various integration levels. Throughout your stay, you’ll navigate trails for observation walks, collect data from camera traps, and process this information.

  • Bioconstruction
  • Conventional construction, in most of its forms, has veered off track in the last two centuries. The pursuit of solutions and highly resistant materials aimed solely at enhancing the quality of life for inhabitants now faces different crises, notably its high environmental impact characterized by excessive resource consumption and environmental pollution.

During your stay with us, you’ll learn a method of construction respectful of living beings and the environment. The aim is to achieve the integration of UVISEA spaces with their surroundings while minimizing the impact.

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