Animal and natural resources conservation volunteer program – Panama

Volunteers will carry out the program at a botanical garden located on the outskirts of Panama City.

This sanctuary serves as an animal rescue center, shelter, and environmental education hub.

The space boasts a wide diversity of flora and fauna, offering animal and nature enthusiasts the opportunity to learn and experience the natural environment up close. All you need is a passion for this to fit in perfectly!

Love for animals and respect for nature are prevalent here. Local citizens, volunteers, and visitors all participate in this project.

The program starts on Mondays, so it is convenient to arrive in Panama during the weekend. The program runs throughout the year; the animals and their care always need attention.

The program’s schedule is from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Monday to Friday. Weekends are entirely for you.

Meals are not included in this accommodation.

During your volunteering experience, there may be up to 15 volunteers at a time, making it a fulfilling experience with close contact with nature and people.


AVAILABILITY: Please check for availability.

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