Agriculture Volunteer Program in Tea and Coffee Fields – Uganda

In this program, you will have the opportunity to experience local agricultural practices in Uganda, help the farming community with additional hands and effort, as well as immerse yourself in the local culture and engage with the community.

Kyamazima is renowned for its tea plantations. Besides offering incredible landscapes, the tea fields provide employment to many local farmers. Tea was introduced to Uganda by the Indians, which is why a significant portion of the plantations is controlled by Indian entrepreneurs. However, there are also various plantations managed by local farmers. It is in these latter ones where you will have the chance to participate in activities such as:

1. Harvesting tea leaves.

2. Cutting and clearing weeds to promote better growth of tea plants.

3. Processing tea leaves by boiling and drying them.

4. Packaging the tea.

Additionally, Kyamazima also has coffee plantations. The coffee cultivated in Kyamazima was imported from Ethiopia, the leading coffee producer in Africa. In the coffee plantations, you will be able to engage in the following activities:

1. Picking coffee cherries (coffee harvesting season: from June to July and from November to February).

2. Processing coffee beans by drying them, removing the layers that cover the coffee seed, roasting, and grinding.

3. Packaging the coffee.

IMPORTANT: It is recommended to bring gardening gloves for the program.


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