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International volunteering programmes

Cooperating Volunteers is a company that organises volunteering experiences around the world, coordinating the programme and supporting the volunteer. Cooperating Volunteers was created as a result of the wide range of projects being undertaken around the world, allowing the volunteers to live an authentic experience and participate in a genuine cultural exchange, while being mutually beneficial for the volunteer and the project. Our volunteers work on projects based in locations all around the world. Our main mission is to transmit this feeling and desire for cooperation to the greatest number of people possible who want to participate on an international volunteering programme in the world’s main continents:

To this end, we work on a daily basis to allow citizens of the world, who are thinking of becoming a volunteer, the chance to make their own personal contribution in a specific real life scenario. Volunteers from around the world travel with us every single year. With the help and support of our local partners, the volunteers can go on a safe, socially-responsible and reasonably-priced trip. We’re not a travel agency. Rather, we advise and guide the volunteers at all times, ensuring that they feel supported before and during their trip. memory foam pillows

How can Cooperating Volunteers help you in your international volunteering programme?

Cooperating Volunteers collaborates on different volunteering programmes and projects in various countries around the world. These include orphanage volunteering programmes, school teaching volunteering programmes, medical care centre and hospital help and assistance volunteering programmes, street children support volunteering programme, female development volunteering programmes, construction volunteering programmes, environmental conservation volunteering programmes and animal rescue and care volunteering programmes in different locations.

Benefits of working on one of our volunteering programmes:

  • Enjoy an unforgettable volunteering experience, integrating with the local community.
  • Meet people from all around the world, working alongside other volunteers on the same or different projects.
  • Acquire the sense of responsibility that is promoted by the volunteering programme.
  • Add personal experience to your CV.
  • Discover other cultures.
  • Help to protect the world’s natural resources during your volunteering programme.

Come and join us! Simply choose the volunteering programme that best suits you.

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