The total cost of the volunteer program is divided into 2 parts: the registration fee of 210 euros (approximately 225 dollars), which is paid to book your spot in the program, and the program fee, which is paid later.



Childcare Program

210 EUR a week

Teaching Program

210 EUR a week

Children with special needs volunteer program

210 EUR a week

Medical Program

280 EUR a week

What is included in the fee that I am paying?

  • Administration costs
  • Assistance from Cooperating Volunteers staff at all times
  • Airport pick-up and transfer to your accommodation
  • 1 orientation day
  • Introduction to Vietnamese culture
  • Accommodation
  • In Ho Chi Minh, volunteers will be given 3 meals a day from Monday to Friday and 2 meals a day on Saturday and Sunday
  • Regular evaluation meetings throughout your program
  • 24/7 support from local partner staff
  • Finalisation letter

What additional costs will be incurred by the volunteers?

Visa, flights, travel insurance (obligatory), vaccines, daily commute fee, return to the airport and other personal expenses such as bottled water, toilet paper and bus fees for volunteers working in Nam Dinh (between €8-10). 
(* Volunteers in Vietnam will generally find that €22 (approx. 25 USD) is enough to cover basic weekly expenses.)