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"Small actions to change the world"

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"Small actions to change the world"

If your aim is to maximize your contribution during your volunteering experience, earn academic credits and recognition, or even prepare for a significant career in the international cooperation sector, our International Volunteering Diploma is the ideal option for you

From Cooperating Volunteers, in collaboration with the Center for Global Citizenship Studies, we want to offer you the opportunity to enhance your skills and knowledge in international volunteering, acquiring the necessary experience to make a positive impact on the world. This international certificate, conducted online and in English, is designed to provide support before, during, and after your volunteering journey with Cooperating Volunteers.

Earning academic recognition is always a positive achievement. Therefore, we are confident that, completing this course in addition to your on-site work, will enrich your experience, both on a personal level and in relation to the local community you engage with. Additionally, this diploma provides internationally recognized credits that can be transferred to your educational institution, contributing to your academic progress.


You will acquire various theoretical tools to apply during your volunteering experience on-site, fostering solidarity and cooperation as driving forces for sustainable development in the community where you work.

Promotion of interaction and connection among cultures and individuals to encourage learning, understanding, and mutual respect through the acquired knowledge.

Choose between two specialties - Global Citizenship and Marine Conservation - thereby becoming an expert in your field of work.

Study online before, during, and after your stay on-site, not only to have a comprehensive experience but also to grow as a person while traveling.

Explore the world, immerse yourself in different cultures, and understand the specific issues of the places you visit. You will grow as a global citizen, becoming more aware, solidary, qualified, and confident.

Study in English and obtain an internationally recognized certificate.


Global Citizenship

The goal of this program is the development of intercultural competences and understanding of global challenges. Students will analyze these issues at a global level and comprehend their own role in promoting sustainable and equitable development worldwide. Upon completing this, participants will become global citizens capable of advocating for justice and sustainability in an international context.

Marine Conservation

The specialization in Marine Conservation is aimed at those passionate about the ocean and its creatures. Individuals completing this program will be prepared to pursue a career in marine conservation, ecotourism, or sustainable fishing, becoming advocates and experts in this fundamental ecosystem of our planet. You will gain the knowledge and tools necessary to work closely with local communities, promoting sustainable tourism, participating in research projects, and contributing to the protection of vulnerable marine species.


Orientation module Introduction to the course 4 hours Online before your volunteering trip
Module I Introduction to the destination country's culture, volunteer responsibilities, challenges, planning, and assessment activities 6 hours Online before your volunteering trip
Module II Examine the volunteer’s characteristics: skills and motivations, plans, putting preparation into practice... 8 hours Online before your volunteering trip
Module III Choose between 2 specialties:


Global Citizenship: Gain the knowledge and skills necessary to engage in complex and interconnected global challenges.
Marine Conservation:
Develop your knowledge in Marine Conservation to prepare for putting it into practice.
8 hours Online before your volunteering trip
Module IV Identify and successfully complete your activities as a volunteer on-site 26 hours Online pending your volunteering trip
Module V This module should be completed once you return from your volunteering trip. The goal is to reflect on what you learned and experienced during your program. 8 hours Online after your volunteering trip

Please note that each academic institution recognizes academic credits differently. Please contact your educational institution for guidance on academic record transfers.


Anyone can enroll in the International Volunteering Diploma and start studying in a matter of a few days. The only requirement is to be enrolled in one of our volunteering programs before you begin. Follow the steps below:

1. Submit an application for one of our volunteering programs here.
2. Secure your spot by paying the volunteer registration fee.
3. In your volunteer panel, add the International Volunteering Diploma to your list.
4. Pay the course registration fee.
5. Once we have received the payment, the CGCS team will contact you within two days to start the course.
6. Choose your specialty and start studying! 

The CGCS team will ask you which of the two specialties you want to study. Then, you will need to complete Modules 1 to 3 before starting your volunteering program with Cooperating Volunteers.


The International Volunteering Diploma is an online course in English available for any Cooperating Volunteers participant to enroll. This program provides support before, during, and after your volunteering experience with us. Upon completion, you will have the opportunity to obtain an academic record with credits and a recognized diploma-level certification.

You will receive a certificate from the Centre for Global Citizenship Studies and the National Open College Network (UK) in:

• Diploma in International Volunteering –Marine Conservation
• Diploma in International Volunteering – Global Citizenship

The requirements are as follows:

• Access to a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone
• Stable internet connection
• Grade 12 or equivalent
• Fluent English (A level)
• Some relevant work experience
• Basic computer and internet skills 


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